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Here you will find my homemades and maybe a write-up or two.


This is the plunger to my FHG (First Homemade Gun). I used a body to an arrow for the plunger shaft. It is carbon-fiber so it is light and strong. I highly recommend using it. Then I glued a peice of cpvc onto the end of the plunger shaft. Followed by some tape, and finally an o-ring held in plage by some hot-glue. I used three different prings because I didn't have a really long one. One of the springs went to a Firefly, the other to an EX-3, and I have no clue as to what the last spring went to.


Here is the body to my FHG. It is made of 1" diameter PVC. I used Carbon's trigger because it is very effective and easy to make. There is an endcap at the back of the plunger tube. The handle is glued on to the endcap.


I know the pic is hard to see. But my pic got cut off for some reason. Here is the FHG put together and cocked. I put a 8 in. barrel on it and got some pretty good ranges until I did this to it...


I took that whimpy barrel off and got some bushings to make it look cleaner. But I really like the other way better. Oh well, I also painted it black to give it that "real" look.
I got an average of around 75 ft. flat with the FHG. I am overall satisfied with the way it turned out.