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Paint Jobs

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Here are my paint jobs to nerf guns.


Since my camera is a peice of crap my beautiful NF is kind of pixelized. But this was my first and best paintjob I think. It is so clean and nice if you could see it in real life. I don't have it anymore though. Oh well. I used some black model spraypaint I found in the model car section. I think it worked so good because it was meant for plastics.


I know your asking "what the hell is that?" Well, it's my FF pistol. The FF was the first gun I modded and I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing. So I cut it down to almost nothing except that thing you can see in the pic. I added a 4 in. barrel. The little stub in the back you pull back to cock the gun. I wold show you a pic of it cocked but I will aste some of my bandwidth.


It may look clean in the pic but it's atually very sloppy. I do like the design to it though. It is cpvc modified.


This is a cpvc modified Nite Finder. I painted the whole thing gray and then put little splotches of black to make it kind of camo. The only reason it looks kindof cool is because the camera did something to it. It's actually weird and ugly looking. This is where cheap dollar paints get you.


Here is my BBB. It's also my primary and favorite gun. I have cut it down to almost nothing and put a stock I made out of wood peices on it. It has a 8 in. CPVC barrel and I get ranges of aroound 80 ft. You can see crosshairs on it but I took it off. I used cheap flat black paint and then covered it in a clear coat of Plastikoe paint. It works really well.