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Here is where everything non-nerf will be put.

Arrow launcher write-up.

Arrow aunchers are fun to shoot. I don't know if I made these up or not but I really don't care.
>3   84 size rubberbands (preferably high quality)
>2 in. peice of half inch CPVC
>straws  (non bendy straws)
>BIC round stick pens
1. Take your knife and cut one rubberband in half.
2. Put one end of the rubberband on the top  of one side of the CPVC, do the same with the other side. (look at the pic below, be aware that my CPVC is painted black).


3. Tightly wrap the other two rubberbands at the bottom part of the CPVC.


Congrats! You just made your arrow launcher. Now all you need are arrows.
There are many different ways to make arrows. You can practically use anything you want, but it has to fit inside of the CPVC. Unless you make another one out of half inch PVC. I will be showing you how to make your arrows the way I do.
1. Grab your BIC round stick pen and pull out the head of it with the pliers.
2. Now take the peice you just pulled out and gently force it down into the straw. They should fit perfect. If the straw is to big use electrical tape to wrap around the pen head to make it fit.


You've just made an arrow!
Now you get to shoot it!
First take your arrow and put the tail end first in to the top of your launcher.
Now grap the back of the arrow with your rubberband.
Finally pull the rubberband back and watch it fly.


***I don't care if you are a dumbass and shoot your little sister in the eye. You should be more responsible than that anyway. I will not be held responsible for any injuries made by this! If you know your going to kill someone then you need to go back to being a baby and suck on your thumb.***